Glass Cleaner 400g

Foaming, professional strength, no streak formula
that sticks to vertical surfaces. For use on glass, mirrors,
stainless steel, fibreglass, polished metals and chrome


Handipac_Glass-CleanerHandiPac Glass Cleaner

HandiPac Glass Cleaner is designed for use on glass, fibreglass, mirrors, stainless steel,
polished metals, plastic, chrome and linoleum, and is ideal for heavy duty applications.

HandiPac Glass Cleaner has a no streak formula that’s versatile and safe to use on all glass surfaces.
It cuts through the toughest dust, dirt, haze and fingerprint deposits. Its high strength formula contains
a foaming agent for greater coverage and more “stick” to vertical surfaces.

  • It’s ready to use,
  • foaming, non-abrasive, high strength and
  • biodegradable.

Size 400g Net
Code HPGC400